• Individialised disability care and support

Nau Mai – Mana Ātea

Taku ihi, taku mana Motuhake

To empower whānau to achieve their lifestyle aspirations.
To stand in my own wisdom, in my own mana.

Mana Ātea (previously My Place Aotearoa) is an established provider of individualised and flexible supports to people with disability and their whānau.

At Mana Ātea, we believe whānau are the foundation of communities and can only thrive when connected to, are valued by, and have a sense of belonging in their community.

We work in partnership with people with disabilities and their whānau. Together we develop a support plan to meet individual needs and preferences which allows them to live in their own homes, with care from people they choose and trust.

Mana Ātea

The wisdom of Tikanga Māori shaping solutions to create impactful lifestyle change.

The tikanga approach acknowledges whānau:

You are your own expert – Mana Ātea works alongside whānau, allowing them to share their journey and experience. This enables the foundation for cultural safety and supports participation.

We are part of your journey – Mana Ātea brings skills to the table that help whānau navigate the referral, the service being proposed, and the process that occurs. Allowing the opportunity to ask questions, share information and knowledge to form a relationship.

We respect you, and your whānau – Mana Ātea works within a values-based, strengths-focused approach of practice. Māori concepts and understandings are seamlessly integrated in the design and delivery of all services.

Whānau are in the best position to determine their own needs and goals, and to plan their future. They have the mana to choose the supports they need; when, where and how they want them.

The lives of whānau are enhanced when they determine and control their own supports, to the extent they desire.

Mana Ātea supports the notion that in the right environment, with the right people surrounding and nurturing them, all whānau can and should flourish; irrespective of the cultural group to which they belong.

Mana Ātea ensure the person is always in control of:

  • the supports they receive
  • when, where and how they receive those supports, and
  • who provides those supports.

We do it together...

Te Mana Kotahitanga

Mana Ātea starts from the position that you and your whānau are the experts of your own lives and the solutions that work for you, in your own life and context, and that you should be supported to be involved in making decisions. This approach empowers you to have control over your own life, to pursue your own destiny, and to celebrate your independence – mana motuhake.

Planning and support from Mana Ātea will include, among other things:

  • ensuring that you are involved in a meaningful goal setting approach;
  • assisting you to understand and navigate the planning and funding system;
  • providing you with practical support and advice during the planning process;
  • attending any planning meetings with you, if you wish;
  • assisting you through the planning and review processes;
  • providing advice about building stable support arrangements;
  • remaining available whenever crises and emergencies arise.

Management and administration from Mana Ātea will include:

  • assisting you to meet your legal obligations as an employer;
  • paying your support people;
  • arranging and paying workers' compensation;
  • calculating PAYE tax and Kiwisaver and submitting it to Inland Revenue Department;
  • calculating and paying the ACC levy;
  • preparing and submitting all necessary documentation to IRD;
  • paying your contractors and suppliers;
  • arranging and paying public and product liability insurances;
  • holding and administering your funding;
  • acquitting the funds back to the funding body.

Ngā Kāwai ō Mana Ātea


Our Vision

Whānau are supported in achieving mana Motuhake, through the guidance and wisdom of tikanga Māori.

Our Principles & Values


What this means to us.
Te āhua o te rongo
How it makes us think and feel.
Te āhua o te mahi
How it makes us act.
Te āhua o te tangata
How it aligns to who we are.

Mana Tangata
Kia mau ki tō mana rangatiratanga

We respect the pito mata of each person and the kura i huna ki roto i te toto. Each person has the right to participate in, and contribute, to the life of the community.

We see the whole person and see their unique intrinsic worth and potential.

We listen, we understand and we adapt our approach to each person.

Mana akiaki
Present, engaged, responsive, open, transparent - kanohi kitea.

Mana whānau
Whiria he kaha mou, whiria he kaha tuamanomano mo te whanau.

Whānau are in the best position to determine their own needs and goals and to control their own journey.

Whānau are resilient. Even whānau under the most stress have great power when united.

We bring together the unique perspectives and strengths of the whānau to create an impactful change.

Leadership, respect, responsible, ranga-te-tira

Te Mana Kotahitanga
Mā Kotahitanga e whai kaha ai tātau.

Binding individuals with the wider community are the foundations of a rich and meaningful life.

Whanaungatanga and identity are enriched when the whānau are connected to something bigger.

We proactively bring together pillars of support around the whānau to understand the needs of the whānau and provide a holistic solution.

Advocate Listen / Whakarongo Mahi tahi.

Mana Mātauranga
Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mō koutou.

People have access to timely and accurate information to gain more control over their lives and gain wisdom to inform their journey.

Experienced in all kinds of mātauranga brought into balance with wisdom.

We value the wisdom of mātauranga Māori and the value of all sources of knowledge. We create channels of open communication and understanding, so the entire support community is united.

Experienced, wise, cultural experts.

Mana Ātea - Individualised disability support and care for people with disability in New Zealand.

Board of Directors

Ngā Kaitiaki

Rangi Pouwhare, Director Mana Ātea

Ms Rangi Pouwhare


Ms Pouwhare comes from a whānau steeped in tikanga and āhuatanga Māori, based on a strong Tūhoe foundation. Those principles and values have influenced every decision and initiative that Ms Pouwhare has had to make throughout her life. Prior to moving to Western Australia to undertake senior roles in Indigenous health with the Health Department and then disability services with My Place, Ms Pouwhare was a member of the Senior Leadership Team in Te Kete Hauora (Māori Health). In her 11 years with Te Kete Hauora Ms Pouwhare led a number of projects that focused on supporting Māori to participate in the health sector as governors, practitioners and providers. She was the architect of groundbreaking governance training based on Te Ao Māori; drove the establishment of one national rongoā organisation; led complex and highly challenging negotiations for the transfer of contracts from Regional Health Authority to District Health Boards; was instrumental in facilitating hui for the development of the Māori Health Strategy and Action Plan; and successfully promoted the importance of Māori leadership and participation at DHB board elections. Ms Pouwhare subsequently accepted the position of Business Manager with Te Roopu Taurima o Manukau to establish it as a kaupapa Māori service which supported Māori with intellectual disabilities in residential care. This involved transferring individuals from a mainstream service to a kaupapa Māori service. She supported Te Korowai Aroha (a group of Māori elders to guide and support the first kaupapa Māori residential service for people with intellectual disability in NZ). Outside of her formal roles, Ms Pouwhare chaired the Queen Victoria and St Stephens School Board of Trustees for several years.

Dr Greg Lewis, Chairman Mana Ātea

Dr Greg Lewis

B.Psych., M.App.Psych., Ph.D.


Greg is a clinical and educational psychologist who has worked in the disability field for 35 years. From 1987 to 1996 he was Director of Country Services and a member of the Corporate Executive of the Disability Services Commission of Western Australia. During this time he established Local Area Co-ordination, which now operates across Australia and in several other countries. Until recently, Greg held the position of Adjunct Associate Professor at the Centre for Research into Disability and Society at Curtin University in Perth. He was formerly National President of the Australian Society for the Study of Intellectual Disability (1995 - 1997) and of National Disability Services (2003 - 2005). He was also Executive Director of EDGE Employment Solutions, a disability employment agency he co-founded in 1984. Greg was a co-founder of My Place, along with Peter Dunn and Phil Deschamp.

Peter Dunn, Director Mana Ātea

Mr Peter Dunn

Dip.Ed., B.Ed., Grad.Dip.Special Ed.


Peter arrived in WA from Christchurch in 1978 after teaching in country locations around New Zealand. Peter’s interest in disability was stirred after he commenced as a teacher in a large special education facility in Perth. From within the school system, he supported students to have greater opportunities in the local and wider community. In 1985, was promoted to position of principal at Mt Melville School in Albany. A key task was to provide support to teachers of students with disability in regular primary and secondary schools, and to progressively integrate the students with disability attending Mt Melville School into their local primary and secondary schools. In 1988, Peter was appointed inaugural Local Area Co-ordinator with the Disability Services Commission to support people with disability and their families across the Lower Great Southern. In this newly created position, the forerunner hundreds of such positions operating around Australia, he pioneered the development and delivery of supports that were individualised and reflective of what people with disability and their families wanted. In 1996, Peter was appointed Managing Director of the newly established My Place in Western Australia: a position he held for 13 years. Peter continues to serve on the Board of My Place Foundation.

Clyde Young, Director Mana Ātea

Mr Clyde Young


Clyde is the NZ Managing Director of accounting and advisory firm William Buck, and a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. With significant experience and knowledge in management advice, Clyde works closely with businesses and organisations on business strategy, administration, accounting and strategic issues. His expertise has facilitated growth and stability for organisations through the development of long-term strategic plans and realistic goals, particularly in the not-for-profit, healthcare and education sectors. His sought after expertise is highlighted through his appointment to various boards. He is Chairman of Wellpack Ltd, a director of several private companies, and a Trustee for the Sir John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation and the ARA Trust. In 2004 he was appointed by the Hon. Trevor Mallard as Chair for the Pasifika Education.

Working at Mana Ātea

Whiria he kaha mou, Whiria he kaha tuamanomano mo te whānau

Supporting and empowering Whānau

What do I want from work?

  • An interesting, responsible & fulfilling job with purpose
  • Be appreciated and rewarded for doing my job well
  • To balance my work with my family, my lifestyle, or my studies
  • Work with others who are kind, caring and helpful
  • Get to know someone with a disability and help them to live a richer life
  • Work for an organisation that really cares about people
  • Receive fair pay for the work I do

If this works for you, you may want to work for us...

We are looking for people who would like to spend several hours, for a day or more each week (including weekends) as a companion to a person with a disability as they pursue their interests in the community.

What will I be asked to do?

Your duties as a Pouāwhina (Personal Assistant) with Mana Ātea will vary greatly, depending on the person you are supporting. Some of the more common duties include:

  • Provide personal and practical support to enable the client to live their chosen lifestyle.
  • Facilitate contact with family, friends and associates.
  • Provide relevant support to assist the client to make informed decisions.
  • Advocate for and with the client, where appropriate.
  • Assist with self-care, general hygiene and personal presentation.
  • Assist with cooking, washing, ironing, and house cleaning.
  • Assist with shopping for food, clothing and personal items.
  • Encourage independence in daily living activities, where appropriate.
  • Encourage neighbours to get to know and become friends with the client.
  • Assist the client to become an active member of their local community.
  • Assist with transport and accompany them on outings and activities.
  • Arrange medical appointments and collect prescriptions.
  • Provide transportation to and from appointments and attend as required.
  • Support the client to maintain general health and well-being.
  • Assist the client to prepare and develop a weekly budget.
  • Assist with banking, paying bills and keeping receipts.

Your job opportunities

Ngā Wāhanga Mahi

Expression of interest

If you feel the outlined requirements and duties at Mana Ātea are suited to you and would like to express your interest in a future position, please select either OPTION 1 or 2 .

  • OPTION 1

    Our PDF Acrobat expression of interest form is available for download to apply for a position as a personal assistant with Mana Ātea.

      PDF Form Download

  • OPTION 2

    To apply online for a position as a personal assistant with Mana Ātea. Please use our electronic expression of interest application form.

      Electronic Application Form

Main body content contact information for Mana Ātea.

Contact Us


  • P.O.Box 109091, Newmarket 1141


Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm

Complaints are a gift!

He taonga te kōrero!

Mana Ātea welcomes feedback about its services: whether they are queries, suggestions, commendations or complaints. Our PDF form is available for download by clicking the button below.

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Privacy Policy

Appropriate levels of privacy and confidentiality are maintained in the collection, disclosure and storage of customers’ personal information.

Policy Statement

Appropriate levels of privacy and confidentiality are maintained in the collection, disclosure and storage of customers’ personal information.


Mana Ātea will:

  1. Only collect and store information about the customer that is directly relevant to effective service delivery and Mana Ātea's duty of care responsibilities.
  2. Advise the customer and their family that Mana Ātea needs to record and store information appropriate to the support that Mana Ātea provides.
  3. Advise the customer and their family of their right to access the information that Mana Ātea keeps regarding the customer.
  4. Direct all requests to access information from customers and/or families to the Managing Director.
  5. Ensure that, when disclosing any personal information to another approved party, only relevant information is disclosed.
  6. Seek the written consent of the customer or family prior to obtaining information from or releasing information or images to any other source.
  7. Ensure that personal information is stored securely.
  8. Ensure that only those Mana Ātea employees who have a legitimate need to access the above information will be granted access.
  9. Ensure that Mana Ātea holds a customer’s personal information only as long as it is relevant to the delivery of effective services and Mana Ātea's duty of care obligations.
  10. Promptly investigate, remedy and document any customer grievance regarding privacy, dignity or confidentiality in accordance with Mana Ātea's Policy on Complaints and Disputes.
  11. Ensure that customers’ names or other identifying information is not displayed on whiteboards or notice boards that may be open to view by other customers or the general public.
  12. Periodically review customer files to ensure that personal information contained in them is still relevant.
  13. Ensure that customers and their families or advocates have been provided with an appropriate summary of Mana Ātea's Policy on Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality and are informed that a full copy is available on request.